Wednesday 27 January 2016

Message from Tr. Salam

واجب اللغة العربية للغد 28/1 ،ان شاء الله
*التدريب على قراءة درس ( متى أغرد ) من ملف الطالب،  من بداية الدرس و حتى ذاك حب ذاك ماء   فاسعد اليوم و ن فقط.
*كتابة السطر الاول و الثاني من النشيد على الكراسة التي مع الطالب .   و جزاكم الله خيرا*

Monday 25 January 2016

Quran Homework


Surah An-Nazia't Ayah 31-40


Islamic Studies Quiz

Dear Parents,
Students will have Islamic studies quiz on Thursday 28th  Jan.,.The Quiz will be from Unit D-Chapters 1-4.

Math Quiz

Dear Parents,
Students will have Math Quiz on Monday 1st February 2015.Quiz will be from Chapter 5 (Lessons 1,2,3,4).Students will get worksheets to practice over the weekend.

Spelling words

Dear Parents,
Here are the words for this week,

  1. decimal
  2. property
  3. element
  4. particle
  5. photograph
  6. sphere
  7. graph
  8. laugh
  9. enough
  10. rough
  11. picture
  12. work
  13. again
  14. favorite
  15. learn
  16. school
  17. never
  18. always
  19. other
  20. done

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Math Homework

Dear Parents 
Homework for today is :-
Math workbook pages 21+24 (If the student is not done already with these pages)

Message from Tr Salam

واجب اللغة العربية للغد الخميس 21/1 ، ان شاء الله 

*تكملة حل جميع التدريبات في ص 49 ، 50 ، من درس النملة العاملة ( في ملف الطالب ) 
حيث حلت جميع التدريبات بشكل أنشطة جماعية في الفصل ، و بدأ كل طالب بحلها على ورق الدرس  في الفصل ، فالرجاء متابعته في حلها مع ضرورة اجادة قراءة المفردات و الجمل التي تشملها التدريبات .               وجزاكم الله خيرا

Monday 18 January 2016

Math Chapter 3 Test

Dear Parents,
We will finish Math chapter 3 this week. Students will have Math chapter 3 Test on Monday 25th January 2016.Students have been given worksheets today to practice at home.

Math Homework

Workbook pages 20+22

Quran Homework


Surah An-Naziat Ayah 24-30


Wednesday 13 January 2016

Message from Tr Salam

واجب اللغة العربية للغد الخميس 14/1 ان شاء الله :

*حل تدرب .....رتب الجمل ( قصة الاسد ) من  الورقة المصورة في ملف الطالب ، مع التدريب على قراءة جمل القصة .
                                                               و جزاكم الله خيرا

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Quran Homework


Surah An-Naziat Ayah 16-23


Monday 11 January 2016

Scholastic book orders

Dear Parents

Today, students will be bringing home Scholastic book orders. You may choose to purchase books that are age and culture appropriate. Parents can pay online or write cheques payable to Scholastic Canada.I would  really appreciate if you can return your orders by Friday 22 Jan., 2016.



Math Homework


Dear Parents,
Please note Math homework for students.
Math workbook page-54

Reminder: Mathematics- End of chapter-6 Test on Friday 15 Jan.,2016


Spelling words

Dear Parents,
Please note spelling words for this week.

  1. because 
  2. caught
  3. across
  4. stalk
  5. talk
  6. lawn
  7. frost
  8. dawn
  9. paw
  10. thaw
  11. batteries
  12. fuel
  13. machine
  14. evaluate
  15. solve
  16. thought
  17. distance
  18. evaporate
  19. difference
  20. melt

Saturday 9 January 2016

Message from Tr Sahar

Assalamu Alaikom Dear Parents .

Welcome back to school! It's so good to see all our students back and in a good health.
We have a reading test ( Page 80 ) الى النهر on Tuesday  Jan 12.

Friday 8 January 2016

Message from Tr.Salam

واجب اللغة العربية للاثنين 11/1 ان شاء الله
*التدريب على قراءة:
* درس ( رحلة مدرسية ) ص 42
*قراءة الجمل في تدريب ( 1 ، 2 ص 44)،  والجمل أيضا في  تدريب 2 ص 45 .... مع ضرورة فهم الطالب لما  يقرأه .

Thursday 7 January 2016

Assignments & due dates

Dear Parents,

Please note the home work and due dates.

  1. Math Homework- Workbook pg 51 (due tomorrow)
  2. Science Homework-Worksheets about Seeds and Plants (due next week-Tuesday 12 Jan.,)
  3. Media Literacy Homework- Worksheet about Media forms in my home ( due Monday 11 Jan.,)

Message from Tr. Salam

واجب اللغة العربية للغد 8 /1 ، ان شاء الله :
*حل تدريب (2 ) ص 45 ، مع القراءة الصحيحة لجمل التدريب .
*تكملة حل تدريب (1 – 2 ) ، حيث ثم حلهما في الفصل اليوم .
املاء الثلاثاء الموافق 12 / 1 في الاتي :
* تنظف عفاف أثاث غرفتها
*مثلث أصفر
*ثامر و رفاقه

Wednesday 6 January 2016

Math Homework

Dear Parents,
Students have the following homework.
Math Workbook pg 52

Starting a unit on Media Literacy!

Assalamu Alaikum,
Dear Parents,
Our class is starting a unit on Media Literacy! Many students are already familiar with various forms of media and how it affects their lives. We will be doing related activities in our class. Students will be asked to do some activities at home that might require your supervision. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.
Thank you for your efforts to make this unit an enjoyable and successful experience for your  child.
Jazakallahu Kheran

Monday 4 January 2016

Quran Homework


Surah An-Naziat Ayah 9-15


Spelling Words for Friday test (8 Jan., 2015)

Spelling words for this week:
  1. about
  2. frown
  3. tower
  4. cloud
  5. flower
  6. mouth
  7. allow
  8. shout
  9. amount
  10. shower
  11. checked
  12. grand 
  13. stand
  14. energy
  15. matter
  16. forms
  17. value
  18. notation
  19. theme 
  20. scream

Math Test (Friday 15-01-2016)

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh Dear Parents

I hope that you spent quality time with your kids.It was a nice and refreshing break for all of us.
Please note down the homework and Math test date.
1) Homework for tomorrow is Math workbook page 50
2) Math-end of the chapter test(chapter-6) Friday 15 January 2015