Monday 27 May 2013

Week of May 27 and June 4th EQAO starts

Dear Parents,

This week students will be working with 3-D geometry shapes and measuring mass and capacity in addition to the daily spiral review sheets which has questions randomly taken from all themes taught through the year.

mass:  the amount of matter in an object
capacity: the amount a container will hold

Some activities:
Look around the house for examples of prism and pyramid shapes( tissue boxes, milk containers..)
Find various containers with different masses in grams or kilograms. They can estimate and check.
They can compare the sizes and units of measure in mililitres(mL) or litres(L).

As you may already know that the first week of June is the EQAO week. We have been practicing and we will be practicing regularly however please continue to follow up with HW completion at home. The skills that students learned this year requires regular practice and practical application to everyday life in and out of the classroom.

Science: Students started working with soil hands-on. This week Wednesday or Thursday they will have a chance to plant their own flowers to the designated place for our class. Please provide gloves and help students pick their own plant.

Best Regards,

Wednesday 8 May 2013

News update

Dear Family,

Your child is learning that fractions are equal parts of a whole or of a

set. He or she is also learning to name fractions in different ways and to

compare fractions.

By practicing naming fractions, your child is learning to recognize

fractions as part-to-whole relationships. One way to name fractions in

different ways is to find an equivalent fraction. Here are two activities

that you and your child can do together.


Fun with Fractions

The next time you and your child are outside, look for groups of

people or objects of 12 or less. Ask your child to name some fractions

about the group. Sample questions: What fraction of the parked cars

are white? What fractions of the people are not wearing hats?


Equal Fractions

Materials Pieces of paper, a pencil or marker


Step 1 Fold one piece of paper in half. Then fold it in half again.

Open up the paper so that the fold lines divide the paper into

4 equal parts. Shade a number of squares and ask your child to

name the fraction of the paper that is shaded.

(For example: one fourth)


Step 2 Refold the paper as before, and then fold it in half a third

time. Open the paper and ask your child to name the fraction of

the paper that is shaded now. (Two eighths)


Step 3 Ask your child to name the fraction of the paper that is

NOT shaded. (Six eighths) Have your child name a fraction equal

to the fraction she or he just named. (Three fourths)