Sunday 29 September 2013

Urban/Rural Communities

Review of Social Studies Unit : Urban and Rural Communities

A community is a group of people or animals that share the same place.

Urban Community- Can be residential (homes), industrial (factories), or commercial (businesses).

It is a community that is in the city. Urban communities have tall buildings, and many stores, vehicles, and people.

Rural Community- Can be farming, fishing, forestry, mining....

A rural community can be in the country, away from cities and towns. Rural communities have open space, and different kinds of farms (i.e. dairy, fishing, etc). They have fewer people and less traffic than there is in urban communities.

Suburban- A community/town with homes and stores next to or near the city.

Housing- places for people to live

Recreation- things to do for fun

Transportation- a way of moving people or things

Business- places where people work

Land use- how land is used in the community

Shopping- places people go to buy item they need and want

Facilities- places or services that make life easier for people


What type of community is Toronto?

Can be it be considered urban, suburban, and rural, why?

Why do people live in rural, urban and suburban communities, give examples.

Building Communities website


By the end of this unit your child will:

• identify and compare distinguishing features of urban and rural communities;

• use a variety of resources and tools to gather, process, and communicate geographic information about urban and rural communities;

• explain how communities interact with each other and the environment to meet human needs.

Home Links:
To further your child's understanding of this unit, here are some fun activities for you and your family.
-visit a neighbouring community and discuss the differences and similarities.
-visit an urban community one weekend and a rural community the next and discuss the differences.
-visit provincial websites.
-spend time looking at maps and discussing what the various symbols mean.
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Thursday 12 September 2013


I am Ms. Fatima teaching grade 3 at Abraar school. I am the homeroom teacher for 3A. Mr. Mohammed teaches my class mathematics and science, while I teach his 3B class language arts and social studies.

Our big focus in Language Arts is Reading. we are exploring specific aspects of what reading is. More specifically we are answering questions like "Why do we read?" "How do we become better readers?" Students are encouraged to ask questions before, during and after they read. With regards to homework students will be asked to read for at least 15 min.

Our big focus in Social Studies is reviewing concepts from last year. The students have been working on the concept of community. The students are reviewing the definition of community and understanding the features/characteristics found in a community.

 Islamic Studies  - we are discussing the importance of Dua'a and the steps we should take before making Dua'a. We have also discussed when we should make Dua'a.

Art 3A - we are exploring a specific dua'a when it rains. I am getting the students to draw and cut out clouds with rain drops. The students will write the Dua'a in the middle of the cloud. We will put these up in the classroom when they are finished.