Tuesday 20 November 2012


Islamic Studies

We have finished the unit on the Pillars of Iman and we are starting a new unit called "Faith in Action: The Story of Prophet Ibraheem". In this unit the students will learn about the beautiful story of our Prophet Ibraheem, how he searched for Allah and how his Iman has transformed him. We will explore the tests that prophet Ibraheem went through and how Allah rewarded him for his patience and perseverence.


We are in the unit of 'Forces' and the students are learning about the different kinds of forces and their effects. We are doing experiments showing these effects and we are exploring how these forces affect us in our daily lives. There will be a test half way the unit and a test at the end of the unit. Also, the students will have a project to build their own device/toy. Details of this project will be given later on.


We started the unit on Data Management. So far we have completed 2 chapters; Venn Diagrams and Surveying (collecting and organizing data).