Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dear Parents,

Please follow up with HW or workbook assignments. I date , sign and mark students work. Monday Quiz will be sent home on Wednesday to be signed by parents and returned on Thursday to the Homeroom teacher. It is essential to keep up with the deadlines of return dates . Thank you.

In-class assignments , HW or work completion is essential as well as participating in projects, atendance to tests and quizzes.


Thursday Jan 24th studenst will have  a short science quiz related to the science do-tank assigned pages. Follow up , daily vocabulary review is essential for science classes. We started our new unit Strucures. Students are required to keep a science folder and   a science notebook, and be ready in class.  As a part of the unit students are required to built a skyscraper however it is not about having the tallest structure more it is on how they use the new vocabulary , what they learned about strong buildings , structure material and on. The project rubrics and expectations will be distributed. We are half way to the unit, though their science do-tank includes all lessons.

So far students are responsible :


· Write definitions for the following words: Structure, Strength, Stability

 Make a list of three natural structures and three man-made structures.

 In class we did an experiment with cotton ball and elastic band. What did we learn about forces acting on structures?


Islamic Studies , next class they will have a short review and quiz on the first 4 chapters as well. Essentially on how to make wudu and getting ready for salah. Please follow up first 4 chapters unit C with them.