Thursday 12 September 2013


I am Ms. Fatima teaching grade 3 at Abraar school. I am the homeroom teacher for 3A. Mr. Mohammed teaches my class mathematics and science, while I teach his 3B class language arts and social studies.

Our big focus in Language Arts is Reading. we are exploring specific aspects of what reading is. More specifically we are answering questions like "Why do we read?" "How do we become better readers?" Students are encouraged to ask questions before, during and after they read. With regards to homework students will be asked to read for at least 15 min.

Our big focus in Social Studies is reviewing concepts from last year. The students have been working on the concept of community. The students are reviewing the definition of community and understanding the features/characteristics found in a community.

 Islamic Studies  - we are discussing the importance of Dua'a and the steps we should take before making Dua'a. We have also discussed when we should make Dua'a.

Art 3A - we are exploring a specific dua'a when it rains. I am getting the students to draw and cut out clouds with rain drops. The students will write the Dua'a in the middle of the cloud. We will put these up in the classroom when they are finished.