Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Assalamu Alaykum Parents


Please ensure that your child practices his/her spelling words each night. Practice makes permanent! Students should be practicing both the regular spelling words and challenge words. During the school week we lead students through many different spelling lessons and activities to give them several opportunities to see, hear and write the words. However, it is also important that these words are being practiced at home. There are many ways in which students can practice spelling words to help them do well on the test each Friday.  Below is a list of some basic yet fun ways to get your child excited about practicing spelling words. Remember, practice makes permanent! Thank you for including spelling practice in your daily routine at home. It does make a huge difference in your child’s success with spelling. 

Spelling Words for SPELLING TEST FRIDAY FEB 28 2014.
1. able      2. age     3. already    4. arrive     5. bare     6. became     7. between     8. bone     9. break    
10. candy    11. act     12. ago     13. among     14. asleep     15. bath      16. become     17. block    
18. born    19. built    20. captain

We are taking 4 words a day. Students write sentences for 2 in class and the other 2 at home. Today we took 8 words to make up for Monday. Students have 4 words to write sentences for at home. On Friday we have a spelling test on all 20 words. The sentences students write needs to be complete sentences, with proper punctuation (otherwise it will be marked as an error).

Spelling Practice: Tips and Activities 

Memory Game - Make pairs of word cards. Flip them over and try to match the pairs! 

Finger Tracing - Use your finger to spell out each of your words one letter at a time on your Mom or Dad’s back. Then it’s YOUR turn to feel and spell. 

Practice Test - Take a practice test (this is especially good on Thursday night before the REAL test 

Stair steps - Write words as if they are stairs, adding one letter each time. (If you are using lined paper, begin up against the left margin line. If you are using graph paper, begin on the left.) 

Rainbow Words - Write a spelling word with your pencil. Now trace around the outside with a crayon, hugging the same but not touching the letters. Pick two other crayons to continue tracing outward! 

Fancy Letters - Use old magazines, catalogs, or newspapers to cut out letters and glue them down to spell your words! 

Scrambled Words- Write your words, then write them again with the letters 
mixed up, then write them the correct way again.  Example: scramble mblescar scramble