Monday, 3 November 2014


AA Parents,

Students have an Islamic Studies Test Next Week WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 5th. The test will cover material that has been discussed since the beginning.

Major Topics
Unit A Chapter 1  What is Iman? (A2)
1. What is Iman

(Unit A Chapter 2  I believe in Allah. A12) know the pillars of iman 
2. Pillars of Iman

(Unit B Chapters 2 - 6) All the chapters about Prophet Ibraheem 
3. The stories of Prophet Ibraheem
- Ibraheem searches for Allah
- Ibraheem's Iman made him brave
- when fire does not burn
- prophet Ibraheem travels to Mekka
-  The Hardest Test
- Building Al-Ka'bah

Chapter 1 unit C hajj the fifth pillar of Islam.
- Hajj: the Fifth Pillar

Best way to study is to review the End of Chapter Questions "Study Questions"