Monday, 1 October 2012

Week 4& 5 Updates & Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents : I hope you are well inshaAllah .Please find below our updates /news reminders for the last two weeks.


Language : in reading ,students learned to identify the purpose,the audience and the author of an informative text .In writing ,we learned the requirements of a good reader and a good writer . Students also completed a short paragraph that expresses their feelings: I am happy when…………………………I am sad when ……………………………...the things that get me upset ……………..I get scared when ………………

Last friday,we did the critic's corner where the kids sat on the teacher"s chair and shared the book they read (audience-title-purpose-main idea-3 details -appreciation with stars )

Social studies : we studied how the aboriginal people helped the pioneers . Pictures were available on my storyboard for new words (like scurvy-kernel-fertilizer-juniper-trade-deerskin-craft-toboggans) and group work was set up to complete charts with information in printed texts.Students who finished early made drawings on their charts demonstrating understanding of the topic.

Islamic studies : We studied the qualities of Allah (SWT) and started the roles of angels

Arts : After primary and secondary colors, students colored with both using colored pencils.


Language : we started this morning with a fable drawn from first nations history . Students learned the importance and the purpose of a fable. They listened to the dream catcher and wrote a story map about it (title-kind of text-characters and their traits-beginning-middle-end). They were encouraged to find the moral of the fable.

Social studies : students had a quiz to assess their knowledge about the already learnt units (early settlers origins-Aboriginal peoples help to pioneers )

During This Week

Language :students will continue studying other fables and learn the writing process of a narrative type. They complete story maps and elicit adjectives(character traits ) and transition expressions (one day-but-so-fortunately..) to prepare them for the culminating writing task (write their own fable using characters like beaver-bison-deer )

Social studies : we studied how Canada's pioneers cleared land

Arts : this week we are doing something different : Myself in 3 D (skill: make straight and curved lines in 3 dimensions )

Islamic studies : we will revise the previous units then go on with the books of Allah .

Some suggested online resources:


  • You will be invited as parents to attend the presentations done by your children at the end of the term. You will be notified by e-mail about the time and the details of the presentations.
  • A field trip is being organised to either civilization museum or science museum .You will be informed of the exact date furthermore inshaAllah
That is all for now ,please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions /comments/concerns at any time.