Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mathematics Review - Place Value

Asalamualaykum Parents,

Below is review questions for you children to do at home. If you want to give your child extra work please be on the same topic. You can change the numbers around to give your child more questions to work on if you want.

It is important that you encourage your children to work independently. Encourage your child to answer questions on their own, you can check their work and allow them to make the necessary corrections. Also give your child the opportunity to READ the questions ask them if they can figure out what they are suppose to do.

In questions that ask the students to "model" you can just get them to draw the Base Ten Blocks. The children should already know what the questions means when it asks students to REGROUP and RENAME the number.

In NUMBER 9 where it asks which number is greater or the least - the children need to EXPLAIN WHY.
For Example: Questions: Which is greater? 555 or 505.
                      Answer: 555 is greater than 505 because in 555 the tens place value is 5 and in 505 the tens place value is 0. 5 is greater than 0 therefore 555 is greater.

Topics we have covered in PLACE VALUE: Representation numbers, renaming numbers, place value patterns, rounding to estimate number and comparing and ordering.

Thank you for your help