Sunday, 20 October 2013

Week of Oct 21 - 25

Assalamualaykum Parents and Guardians

I just wanted to update you about this topics that we will/are covering this week. I will be sending a new class schedule this week with your child!

Mathematics - we continue to review Base Ten Blocks in the classroom. Representing, renaming/regrouping and rounding (to the nearest hundreds and nearest tens). Please continue to practice with your child at home Place Value - especially rounding!

Language - Reading comprehension, children were sent hoe with a story and reading comprehension questions. Parents are to listen to their child read the story and be there to assist in answering the questions. In class we are reading "The Penguin Problem." The students are loving the story so far. We are practicing asking questions before during and after each chapter. Please encourage your child to ask questions when they are reading their books at home. We become better readers by asking questions because it helps us conceptualize what is happening in the story, it also allows to read for a purpose.

We will begin practice Spelling Week 3
Sight Words, long a/e words and academic vocabulary
1. last
2. school
3. father
4. keep
5. tree
6. grade
7. reach
8. raise
9. theme
10. scream
11. easy
12. batteries
13. fuel
14. machine
15. solve
16. evaluate

Science - We have learned and talked about the plant and plant cycle. We are now moving forward on SOIL. What it is? why it is important? What soil is made of? This week we will mention the layers in soil (Topsoil, subsoil, parent material, rock). Students were able to put them in order on Friday - now they will make their own soil chart!

Social Students - Our class is discussing community and the two different types (urban and rural).

Islamic Studies - we have discussed Hajj/EID and the importance/significance it has for Muslims.

I wish you a peaceful week!

Please do not hesitate to email me at anytime  - I will make sure to respond as soon as possible