Monday, 4 November 2013


Assalamu alaykum Parents

As a class we came up with a wish list. Feel free to donate what you can!

Thank you to parents who have already donated!!!! I will be crossing out the ones that we recieved.

Jazakum Allah Khairan

SchoolCenter Picture
  • we would love love love a classroom carpet to fit all 27 students on during reading/story time. 
  • box of sandwich or snack size ziploc bags.

  • Bulk or individually wrapped snacks (for students who forget to bring snack on his/her designated day). No nuts of any kind, please.

  • recreational board games 

  • educational board games 

  • Recess equipment (soccer ball, skipping ropes etc...)

  • Old magazines (for projects).  Please use good judgement when passing on magazines to this age group!

  • Hard or soft cover books for our Reading Center.

  • Stickers (for papers).

  • Microwave popcorn, as it's still the ultimate party favor during our Celebrations.

  • Paper products - plates, cups, napkins, spoons.

  • Erasers/pencils (throughout the year students begin loosing their own)

  • Clorox (or any brand) disinfecting wipes (we clean tables daily).

  • Hand sanitizer 

  •  soap for our sink

  • tissue boxes

  • construction paper