Wednesday 11 December 2013

Update from Tr. Fatima !

Assalamu Alaykum Parents

Here is an update for the following subjects.


We are working on Mental Math. Mental math is when you count in your head. There are different strategies you can use to do mental math. Please try to encourage your students to add and subtract in their heads. Fore example:

25 + 8 =
you can think 25 + 10 = 35, 
                                  then - 2
                                              = 33
We will be looking a mathematical word problems. Learning to break them down and ways to solve them by drawing or acting them out by using objects.

Generally, most students did very well on the last unit test for Data Management. I am very pleased with the results. 


There are a few things we are working in our Language class. At home students have started to write summaries about each chapter in their reading books. Students are encouraged to fill in the template that was provided to them. Moreover, I would appreciate it if the students wrote their summaries the way we have been practicing in class.  Paragraphs should begin with an indent. Make sure that they are writing with an opening/topic sentence. Be sure that they have capital letters and periods at the end of a sentence. Sentences should be a complete thought, they should make sense and should not be run-on sentences. 
For example. 
         In chapter 3, "The Long Walk," the main character Ausman gets lost in the forest and is all alone. He ran away from home, but now he feels like he may have made a mistake. Ausman does not find his way home instead he gets hungry and needs to find food and shelter....etc

I am letting students know that there is no rush when writing their summaries. They should be able take their time to make it neat.

We are also working on grammar and punctuation in writing. Students should be able to identify and explain what a noun is. We will be moving forward into adjectives and using them correctly. 


We are reviewing concepts on soil; types of soil, what humus is, how soil helps plants grow and composting. We are integrating language as well because students are reading passages and answering reading comprehension questions about soil, compost, roots  and animals/insects who live in soil. Last week we had visitors from "Let's Talk Science" come in and talk more about soil and types of soil. Students had the opportunity to look through microscopes to take a closer look at what we find in soil. 


We listened to oral presentations from the students that they prepared about their home and neighborhood. As the students presented the audience had to figure out if he/she lived in an urban or rural community - and at the end of the presentation the presenter would say "I live in a ....." and the audience had to raise their hand and guess which type of community. Students were marked according to voice, eye contact, contact and enthusiasm.  The students will receive a separate mark for their art and writing. 


We will begin to collect our art to create a book. We have looked a types of lines, cool and warm colours, shades of colours, and patterns in art (using colours and lines).


We have been practicing perfecting Wudoo' and Prayer. We are working on improving the way we pray by;
- making sure we don't move 
- stand straight 
- recite the sura correctly and accurately
-  making sure that our eyes are facing down at the Qiblah
- making sure we do not turn our face (or get distracted)
- to make the intention for salah 
- pray on time ...etc (to name a few)