Tuesday 24 December 2013

Winter Break!

AA Parents,

I would like to wish you a healthy winter break. Students were sent home with a Daily Journal, Math booklet and a Social Studies booklet.

Students are to write in their Daily Journal during the winter break. They can take their book where ever they go (i.e plane, trip, etc). They can write about their journey and how they feel about it. Students are to remember to write the date and title of their journal entry. Students should try to reread their work and check the dictionary for spelling.

The Math booklet is not intended for the students to complete it during the winter break. Rather, students should take their time and practice their subtraction and addition. The goal of the math booklet is to improve their mental math practice.

The Social Studies Booklet is intended for review. Students are to review the types of Urban and Rural Communities.

Thank you for all your help at home!