Thursday, 8 May 2014

Homework: Thursday May 8 2014

Homework: Thursday May 8 2014

Language: Spelling test Tomorrow/Spelling Story Tomorrow 

Math: Students need to do page 88 AND 89 for Homework. 
- Test Next Wednesday Capacity/Mass and 3-D Shapes 

Social Studies: I am still waiting for the rest of the summaries "Brave as a Mountain loin" from a few students.

Science: Unit Test Force Next Friday

Review for Science 

we will be writing our end of  unit test on Forces. The test will consist of a true and false section,
some short answer questions and some full sentence answer  questions based on the activities we have done in class.  Here are the main concepts that will be tested:

 A force is a push or pull that could cause movement.

 We studied 6 different forces:

o Gravity – A downward pull caused by the earth. It makes all objects fall at the same speed.

o Buoyancy – An upward push of a liquid or gas.

o Friction – The rubbing of two objects.

o Muscular Force – When humans or animals cause movement. It does not have the same affect on all objects.

o Static Electric – Occurs when there are charges in an object. Opposite charges attract, like charges repel.

o Magnetism – Occurs when poles are aligned. Opposite poles attract, similar poles repel.

 A force can change the speed, direction or shape of an object, as well as start and stop its movement.

 When forces are balanced they do not cause movement. When forces are unbalanced they do cause movement.

 Friction is something we attempt to control. Sometimes we want more friction (driving on ice), sometimes we want less (skiing).

 Humans make safety devices that use a force to stop movement (seatbelt).

 There are many forces in nature (erosion, landslides, etc), these forces can affect both nature and human environments.