Friday, 2 May 2014

Homework Friday May 2nd 2014

Homework: Friday MAY 2 2014

o Math:  Math EQAO booklet - Due Monday. In One page Tell me everything you know about 3-D shapes (concepts, 3-D shape names etc.)

Language: "My project" summary due Wednesday. Reading Comprehension (Poetry) Monday

o Social Studies: Students ARE NOT REQUIRED to go out and buy already made objects for their social studies first nations and urban communities. The idea is to give students the opportunity to be creative and to find everyday material to create the diorama communities. Please encourage your child to make trees, people, animals from clay or paper. If students already have objects (small animal toys) at home they can use that's fine as well. Again, parents you are not required to buy anything.

**For students who did not complete their spelling stories for this week - here is the list

  1. march
  2. master
  3. meal
  4. mind
  5. month
  6. notice
  7. October 
  8. package 
  9. past 
  10. plain 

Please re-read your story to a parent. Check for fluency, spelling, punctuation