Sunday, 19 January 2014

SCIENCE - All about forces

AA Parents

Through our study of forces we have learned that a force is a push or pull that can cause movement. We have also discovered that there are many different types of forces, and many things that can cause forces.

I ask that you help your child to complete the following task:

I ask that you take a picture of your child demonstrating all the types of forces. For example gravity is one type - you can take a picture of your child sliding down a hill, or dropping an item (the idea is to show that...because of gravity we are pulled to the ground) 

Other types are: Gravity, Muscular, Friction, Buoyancy, Magnetic and Static forces 
Please check look through this link to help you:

Assignment: Due  JAN 23 2014 
All that is required to complete this task is to bring in the pictures (nothing else). This task will allow us to complete the second part in the classroom. The pictures can be printed on any type of paper. 

Thank you for your help at home!