Thursday, 20 March 2014


AA Parents,

On Jan 19 a blog was posted on how to get information about the EQAO I have also re-posted it. Since Jan 21 of this year I have been working with the students on how they should be answering the questions for the EQAO. The students are required to read passages and answer multiple choice and long answers. They are also required to write proper paragraphs on a given topic (i.e. Which method of transportation is the best form).

There are two kinds of writing. One tells a story and has a beginning, middle and end. The other gives information that has an introduction, body and a conclusion. The key to success for either type of writing is to have a plan that will tell about the topic (or a web). A great planner treasures writing out the sketch first by starting with a topic sentence or main thought. Next, he has to write or outline the reason(s) or fact(s) followed by examples as explanations. Finally, he writes the conclusion, which usually restates the topic sentence and becomes the ending paragraph or thought.
Here is a guide for your child to follow for writing a winning story or paragraph.
Writing Checklist for Success
  • Write a topic sentence
  • Sketch out ideas-reasons
  • Give details and examples
  • Draft
  • Reread and make corrections
  • Edit: Check for transitional words, capital letters, punctuation, spelling
  • Revise: Stayed on topic and have a concluding statement
  • Proofread
  • Final copy

Tip: The more your child reads, the better his/her writing skills will be. The more a child writes, the better he/she will read.

This Friday I will send out a Math booklet for students. The students have until next Friday March 28 to complete it. Then I will send a Language booklet for them to complete the following week. As parents I would like to ask for your help. Please double check your child's work. For math make sure they are able to explain their thinking (using math language and drawings). For language please ensure your child is including capital letters, proper punctuation (periods, commas etc), proper grammar (past tense and present tense),  check for spelling and whether or not the sentences are complete thought.

In class for language we are working on
Daily spelling (tests every Friday)
Grammar (synonyms and antonyms) This week and next week 
Proofreading worksheets (Monday - Thursday) [find all the grammar/spelling and punctuation mistakes]