Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Measurement !

AA Parents

I have posted a link to a PDF file. It is everything we are covering in class. Please print this out and get your child to answer the questions. It is a long document -  your child can work on this on their own time. It is good practice of what we are dong in class.

Please see link below


Overall Expectations:
- demonstrate an understanding of and ability to apply measurement terms: centimetre, metre,
kilometre; millilitre, litre; gram, kilogram; degree Celsius; week, month, year
- identify relationships between and among measurement concepts
- solve problems related to their day-to-day environment using measurement and estimation (eg.
in finding the height of the school fence)
- estimate, measure, and record the perimeter and the area of two-dimensional shapes, and
compare the perimeters and areas
- estimate, measure, and record the capacity of containers and the mass of familiar objects, and
compare the measures