Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Writing Project: Language/Social Studies

AA Parents,

Students will be assigned a Language Arts/Social Studies Assignment. A package will has been sent home with all the information. Students will be able to start it today in class if time permits.

 My Road Map (Glossary )

1-Read the eight –page story “Brave as a mountain lion “.

2-Write on page 5 the names of:

Ø The author

Ø The main characters

3- Write a brief summary of the story: What is it about? (The topic) and few important details related to the topic (supporting details) – Do not exceed 5 lines

4-Write a list of new words you learned from the story (minimum of 6)

5- Find 5 words with the suffixes (-ation –ly -ful )

6-Make a drawing related to the book (hand drawn, please)

7- Imagine a different ending to this story

8- Answer the comprehension questions

9-Make a plan of your own story by filling in the web (story map)

10- Provide an attractive title and make use of available resources (dictionary-word wall-peers’ help- support from your teacher)

11- Follow the writing stages (first draft- revise & edit-proofread-final draft)

12-Ask your teacher for more lined papers if necessary.

This is a graded assignment so students should write neatly and answer questions to their full ability.

Your whole project starts APRIL 11th and should be done by MAY 21st