Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Homework: Wednesday April 30 2014

Homework: Wednesday April 30 2014

o Math: We had a quiz today on Area Do page . 87 in math workbook - Students need to make a structure with objects they have at home (very simple) and bring it in. the idea is to explore 3D shapes.
* Math EQAO booklet - Due Next Monday May 5th 

Language: Write Spelling Sentences * Spelling Test Friday. * Write a story using all 10 spelling words due Friday
- Students need to finish up their summaries for "My Project" (three paragraphs - introduction - body - conclusion)

o Social Studies: Work on “My Project” – Due May 21 (students should be in the planning of their short stories) * An outline (graphic organizer will be handed out to the students - students started this in class today)