Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday September 15 2014 - Agendas!

AA Parents,

Please note that Agendas were sent home Friday. This is a good tool for students to use and gain responsibility from. They are responsible for writing their homework down. The students are also responsible to show you their agendas everyday. Please make sure your child has an agenda bag or pouch. The pouch or agenda bag can be found at the dollar store, this will help keep the agenda and homework free from spills and damage.

Happy Agenda Writing

P.S I am missing a few emails form parents. Please send me an email with your Child's name in the Subject box (indicate if you are the mother or Father) - I would like have have emails from both parents if possible. This is to ensure that you get any updates, comments, photos that I otherwise would not post on the blog.

Thank you again