Friday, 5 April 2013

April Update

Dear Parents,
Here is what we will be doing in Science and Math classes this month.

Science: April would be so much fun with Spring at our doors. Grade 3's will be planting their own seeds next week in April 10-11, having walks around the schoolyard exploring and observing the soil, listing the living and non-living things. Students will have  worksheets to be completed in the class and kept on their science folders and used as reference all through the unit. Please check their classwork. There is an ongoing assessment and evaluations done in the classrooms using the in-class assignments, lab work and students work. You may observe your child's progress through their science folders.

Math: We are finished with  Chapter 8 Area and Grids . Students explored area and calculated area using shape blocks, and grid paper. Chapter test includes workbook pages # 64-69
Chapter 8 Test is  in on Monday, April 8th.
Chapter 8 project : Design your own backyard using a cm grid paper due on Tuesday , April 9th.. Detailed instructions given in the class.
An additional chapter 8 task  will also be given on Monday due the following week Tuesday April 16th insha Allah.
From next week on, we will start Chapter 9 and practice multiplication , word problems and EQAO examples.

Best Regards,

Teacher Hanife