Monday, 22 April 2013

Chapter 10

Dear Parents,

Over the next 2 weeks your child will be learning about the concept of division. He or she  will be learning division facts up to and including
49÷7 and seeing the connection between multiplication and division. The goal will be for your child either to recall the division fact or apply a strategy to find the answer. Your child will use these facts, along with a variety of strategies, to solve real-life problems.
Throughout this time, you and your child can do some activities such as:
Your child can look for things that come in groups of 2s, 3s and 4s( such as rolls of hockey tape, bags of milk, and so on)
Your child can begin to calculate how to share things equally within a group of people. For example, If I had 12 stickers to share with 3 friends, how many stickers could we each have?
Your child could find objects that come in arrays ( such as muffins in a box or eggs in a carton). This would assist in connecting the multiplication and division fact families.
Workbook pages 77 to 83 belongs to this chapter.
Best Regards,
T. Hanife