Friday, 19 April 2013

Update on Math

Assalam Alaikum Dear Parents,

Students have been learning about multiplication, using skip counting and repeated addition to develop an understanding of the multiplication facts up to 7 x 7.

It is important for students to know what it means to group items before they start memorize the multiplication facts. Once the child has an understanding, he or she will learn strategies to begin memorizing the facts. Through past weeks we have used concrete examples, watched movies,  grouped item, solved problems with number line and arrays. Now is the time you should expect your child starting to solve everyday problems with multiplication.

Student workbook p#70-76 belong to this chapter. Please review!
You may also check for more activities.

Weekend practice selected  EQAO questions 
Monday, April 22nd Multiplication Chapter test.
Thursday, April 25th Science mid-chapter quiz.

Have a wonderful weekend!