Monday, 13 October 2014

Islamic Studies - Tr. Fatima

Review from last week: Story of Prophet Ibraheem 


  • Retell the events of prophet Ibraheem 
  • Know the type of society he lived in
  • understand that humans cannot be Gods
  • what made Prophet Ibraheem brave?

What does is mean when someone is brave?
How was the Prophet being brave? 
  • He stood up for what he believed in
  • fearless from the King 
  • willing to say the truth, even though it may risk his life 
  • He tried to prove that there is only one Allah
Some Vocabulary
  • Temple 
  • Num-rude 
  • Babylon
  • Idols 
  • unjust 
  • carpenter 
  • Iraq 
  • Brave
  • courage 
Some health living Tips that we can practice 
  • always look for the truth 
  • always say the truth politely