Thursday, 9 October 2014

Social Studies 3A + 3B - Think about it Task

AA Parents

In social studies we have been talking about communities and the types of communities found in Urban and Rural areas. We have also talked about Needs and Wants that people should or should not depend on to survive. There are also many needs in a community that people would find hard or impossible to do alone, such as build a house or build a car.

We have also looked at simple maps with legends showing rural and urban communities. Students have also looked at some transportation used in both types of communities.

Weekend Task

Please encourage your child to go outside with your permission to observe their neighbourhood. Things to look for:

  • Your house (the size, attached to another, town house, separate, building)
  • Is your street busy? What is the name of your street?
  • do you have stores near you (which ones)?
  • which services do you have nearby (barber, tailor)?
  • Which restaurants do you have near by?
  • gas stations?
  • many houses near your house?
  • many cars?
  • many people?
  • mosque or church near by?
  • school near by?
Please allow your child to brainstorm their ideas on a piece of paper. They should bring it in NEXT THURSDAY - that's one week from today.