Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Language - Tr. Fatima

AA Parents,

I hope you have had a nice restful Eid with family and friends.

Last week both Tr. Naaz and myself were able to complete DRA reading assessments with the students (both 3A and 3B). In the upcoming days I will be sending home and posting more information to further your understanding about DRA.  A letter will be sent home to each parent identifying the DRA reading level that your child is at.

I have also completed a spelling diagnostic test for the students. Each student will be identified by colour (Green, Blue, Yellow and Red).

There is a spelling test this Thursday inshalla

  1. goal
  2. away
  3. done
  4. chose
  5. coach
  6. vote
  7. scale
  8. fail
  9. most
  10. awake
  11. crayon
  12. raise
  13. locate
  14. police 

Students will be receiving their weekly class dojo reports. Zunairah is the winner for last week - congrats!